KineticERP: All In One Business Management Solution

KineticERP is an integrated ERP and CRM business software built on a powerful Open Object Platform. KineticERP allows you to leverage its modularity and collaborative development approach by simply grouping and configuring the most suitable modules (hundreds are available) to customize the system.

The results are rather impressive. With partners and contributors all over the world, KineticERP has over 1,000 modules and is available in 20 languages.

KineticERP Key Features

KineticERP has been specifically designed to help improve your businesses performance.

Its functional coverage expands to many of different areas.

KineticERP gives you the ability to intelligently and efficiently manage leads, opportunities, tasks, issues, requests, bugs, campaigns, and claims. It automates key tasks such as communication, identification, prioritization, assignment, case resolution, and notification.

KineticERP allows you to manage and classify your sales orders into a structured and hierarchical system. It gives you the ability to create new orders and review existing orders in their various states. Confirmation of an order can automatically trigger delivery of goods and invoicing.

This key KineticERP module covers General Ledger, cost accounting, accounts receivable & payable, tax management, budgets, electronic bank transfers, assets management, automatic invoicing, analytic controls, financial indicators, and statement management.

With this KineticERP module, you can easily manage all point of sales operations including sales, inventory, cash registry, and invoicing, for a global consolidated view of all your operations and your inventory

KineticERP’s built in website development too allows you to build and manage your website, with built in integrations to your  crm, sales, event management, and e-commerce functions.   The easy to use visual drag and drop builder makes development of an effect, beautiful site easy and streamlined. 

As part of the built in web development system – e-commerce is an integrated, turnkey solution.   When you add a product to KineticERP, it add’s it your website.   When someones purchases a product, it creates the invoice in the Sales/Accounting module.  

The built in inventory and warehouse management system helps keep track of what products are located where, and allows you great flexibility in storage locations, and stock transfers.  

The built in manufacturing system allows you to create product assemblies and custom product groups that you sell as a package, or build into completed products of their own. 

KineticERP’s integrated Purchasing system tracks product purchase orders from the supplier to your facility.

KineticERP allows you to manage your company’s projects and tasks without any limitations. It provides you with the tools to handle multi-level sub-projects, to control tasks, to notify customers via e-mail, to schedule and prioritize assigned tasks. It also allows you to invoice based on task completion.

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